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Nail Treatments

All types of nail treatments are available at the salon, whether you would like a manicure on your own nails, or nail extensions to enhance your own nails.

Nail tips:

This is something you have if your nails are quite short, maybe because you are a nail biter and would like your nails to be longer.
Tips are glued onto your own natural nails and then a gel/acrylic product is brushed over the nail and tip to strengthen. They are then "set" under the lamp. Tips can be white, achieving a French look or clear for a more natural look. Coloured gels can also be applied for a different finish.
As your nails grow you then come back to the salon for in-fills, this usually needs doing about 3 weeks after the first treatment. 

Gelish nail:

Firstly your nails are filed and shaped then your cuticles are tidied up before the Gelish nail polish is painted over the natural nails. The nails are then "set" in the lamp.
The treatment can last upto 3 weeks without chipping and dries straight away so no waiting.
We have around 100 colours in the Gelish polish and also some glitter polishes that can be added to the flat colours for even more choice.
You can have Gelish on your toes, ideal for holidays as suncream does not affect it. It should last upto 8 weeks on the toes.


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